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3 Tips on Effective Meeting Facilitation

A good agenda with purpose and objectives is just the beginning in creating really effective meetings

What we do

At Inflection, we are LOADED with energizes, icebreakers and team builders that get people thinking and interacting differently in meetings. While this might seem like trivial game playing, research shows that bringing PLAY into the workplace, using your hands and getting visual engages the creative part of our brain, making us better able to solve complex problems.

We understand the importance of balancing the dynamics of Attention, Energy, Information and Logistics in meetings

We also understand the importance of a clear decision making process that works in your unique setting

We can help improve your in-person meetings AND we have tips, tricks, tools and apps for improving your virtual meetings too!

For help to improve your in-person & virtual meetings call us 1 868 222 0542 / 741 9948

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